Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Should I hire TwinDC for my remodeling project?

TwinDC is a licensed, industry leading, and a full-service commercial and healthcare general contractor, serving clients in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC for more than 25 years. Recognized for our high performance standards and dependability, along with our proven track record, we provide our clients with turn-key and full scale design and construction solutions with integrity, commitment and the best value. We continuously strive to do more for our clients through visionary innovation, and premium design and construction, ensuring that your project reflects your vision and is successfully completed on time and schedule.

We have worked on numerous projects over the years and each project depicts design brilliance, technical prowess and vision of our clients. We invite you to browse through our portfolio and take a look at our work and experience it for yourself.

2. What Makes You Different From Other Commercial Contractors?

We don’t just work with you as a contractor because that’s what every commercial contractor does. At TwinDC, we partner with you for success. For us, your success is our top priority and a shared goal, which pushes us to go to great lengths to make it happen.

We oversee all aspects of your project – pre-construction, advisory work, planning, coordination and control of the project; we manage it completely from the inception to its completion, delivering a stress-free experience.

3. Do You Use the Latest Industry Practices?

Yes. Our history of success on various and diverse healthcare and commercial contracting projects; is all thanks to our corporate culture that focuses on innovation, our flexibility and eagerness to adopt latest design/construction practices and technology, and comply with the highest industry standards, plus our strong networking with vendors and subcontractors. All this combined together, helps us deliver excellence in design and construction to your satisfaction.

4. How do you ensure Fewer Interruptions?

For minimal disturbance and interruption during your practice or office work hours, we are willing to work during off peak hours and will do everything we can to keep your facility running smoothly while we are working on your premises.

5. What if I Need Adjustments When Construction is Underway?

We work with you cohesively and keep you involved at every step of the project. So, if you have any questions or you are seeking to change project parameters you can discuss them with our manager right away.

6. How do you Maintain Costs?

We strive to complete your project within the estimated budget. To ensure this, we carefully review the design and evaluate our alternatives. We maintain a strong sense of check and balance from start to finish, managing all three key variables of the construction project – Quality, Cost and Schedule.

Our ability to develop detailed schedules and cost control reporting, allows us to carefully monitor project progress and devise strategies to resolve issues that can possibly impact the project timeframe and cost.

7. How Much Will My Project Cost?

At TwinDC, we work in your best interest and strive to help you maximize your returns on investment. Our team sits with you to understand your project vision, needs and scope to provide you with a close to accurate cost estimate. Remember, cost estimates vary depending on the size and scope of the project.

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House Flipping

Tell us what bathroom or kitchen you dream of and we design it for you!

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We carry out all types of home remodeling You may be thinking about carrying...

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General Contracting

TwinDc is a full-service construction company, acts as a general contractor for construction.