House Flipping

We carry out all types of home remodeling

You may be thinking about carrying out the reform of your house, but you have doubts about how to carry out this project: Where should I start? Who can help me carry out the reform? How much can it cost?

This is a great moment that you must face with enthusiasm, and that with a few guidelines and a little help from a group of professionals you can successfully carry out the idea you have in mind.

Since you have contacted us, we made a small visit to your home. After weighing and assessing the whole of the reform of your house, we will pass you a fair budget to ensure optimal qualities and a magnificent result.

Also our technicians will make some clarifications or suggestions if you had to emphasize a particular point.

From the moment of the execution of your house reform we try to be in touch with you at all times informing you of everything that happened, making you a participant in everything, because after all it is your home and we want you to be able to experience that transformation in the first person.

From TwinDc we will help you with the entire design and construction process, from collaborating to define what you need to get the most out of your investment.

Reform your house to your needs

We already know that there are many types of interventions in the houses: from a small change in a room to the reforms of houses on a larger scale where many rooms or even the entire house would be modified.

And as far as house renovations are concerned, we know that each client is unique and that many of you want to enjoy an exclusive and different design.

Therefore, with us you will have the possibility of reforming your own house to your needs, without surprises. We will select the materials with you, we will study everything to get the most out of it and shape your functional needs and aesthetic tastes. We want you to reform your house to your needs.

Tell us about your home renovation project, we will be happy to help you with a custom design and tailored to your needs to get to take advantage of every corner of your home.



How do we work on home renovations?

Step 1) Visit to the house

  • We visit and measure your house or place of reform.
  • We make the distribution that best suits your needs.
  • We offer sketch-plans, with the appropriate level of detail so that you decide on those aspects in which you have doubts or want to contribute new ideas.
  • You can make 3D views to facilitate the final result of your home renovation.

Step 2) Development

  • We develop the complete project of work, memory, plans and measurements to request budgets.
  • We ask for a quote from reliable contractors, providing them with the plans and the measurements of the work, so that they all budget on the same basis, and you can easily compare them.

Step 3) Processing

  • We develop all content, both graphic and content memory, for projects or services that require to be approved by the Official College of Architects.

Step 4) Execution control

  • We control the execution of the work, so that everything is done as you like, with weekly visits, depending on the specific needs of the work.
  • Photographic reports will be made to see the evolution of the work.
  • We will offer you specialized and trusted people to carry out the realization of the trades.
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House Flipping

Tell us what bathroom or kitchen you dream of and we design it for you!

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We carry out all types of home remodeling You may be thinking about carrying...

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General Contracting

TwinDc is a full-service construction company, acts as a general contractor for construction.